A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

WARNING! The game contains frequently flashing images.
RECOMMENDED! Please for the best experience, put on your headphones!

Have you ever wondered what is it like to feel a sound? Take a role of a blind creature in a mysterious cave looking for a way out. Great dangers await during your journey and your only friend is the sound. Save your kind and protect your egg.

The game was developed during the 3-days gamejam in Trnava, Slovakia 2022 by five guys with love <3. 

Alexander Horvath: Character Artist, Character Animator, Texture Artist
Kristian Kollar: Environment Artist, Texture Artist
Patrik Jesko: SFX Composer, Music Composer
Matej Vanco: Programmer, Level Designer
Matus Chlebuch: UI Designer, 2D Artist



• Is the game endless? 
- Nope, it takes around 3 to 5 minutes to find the way out, depends on the map seed (it's procedurally generated) [Our top time is 2m 11s].
• What's the egg good for?
- It's basically a checkpoint for you. When you get caught by the hunter, you will respawn on the location where you drop the egg. But if you keep the egg and get caught, it's a game over.
• Any tips for a less chaotic experience?
- Well run slowly and use space pretty often. Also be quiet near the hunter. He sees you and hears you!
• Any other controls?
- Use ESC to the quit game immediately, use R to reset a seed.

Install instructions

Play in the browser (coming soon here, you can try our temporary WebGL link) or follow the instructions below...

1. Download

2. Extract from Zip

3. Find an exe file (Windows) or dmg file (Mac OSX)

4. Play & Enjoy

Goal? Find the way out from the hella-dark cave! (And avoid the dangers)


Hulda - Download WINDOWS.zip
Hulda - Download MAC OSX.zip 63 MB


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this is super cool