A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

First-person audio-narrative story-driven adventure game for visually impaired people. Take the role of a blind creature to protect the gates of Hel in deep caves against the viking hunters and shamans. Inspired by Norse mythology - the legend of Hodur.

Höðr [Hodur], the blind god in Norse Mythology and the son of Odin and Frigg, has formed unique creatures with his own hands to protect the gates of Hel from Vikings who want to enter and use the forbidden power. Those creatures are blind, but have a very strong sense of sounds that surround them and various skills which humans cannot even imagine.

This experimental demo version was created for visually impaired people. We produced a unique audio experience with new game mechanics driven by interactive 3D sounds and we hope you will enjoy this experience! Any feedback will be appreciated.

Created by Matej Vančo, Struct9.

I am deeply thankful for the help of… 
Romana Peťkovská for proofreading and translation.
Ivan Romančík for slovak voice-over.
Stephen Knowles for english voice-over.
Martyn Luke for additional voice-over.
... And many others for testing and additional support.

Available for PC Windows, OSX and Linux.

Join our official Discord community server: https://discord.com/invite/4NhQcSpsK4


ChildrenOfHodur_Windows.zip 135 MB
ChildrenOfHodur_MacOSX.zip 131 MB

Install instructions

Download a zip file for your target operating system and enjoy this experience

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