• WebGL version available! However it's recommended to download a Windows standalone version for the full experience.
Press ESC 2x in WebGL version to access game-pause (you can adjust mouse sensitivity etc).
• Put on your Headphones for the best experience!

The sea is dangerous and much more when you can't see. Play as a merchant, complete four voyages, protect yourself from sea monsters and set sail!

The game was developed during the 3-days Game Jam in Bratislava 2022 by four guys. We would appraciate any kind of constructive feedback!


Matej Vanco: Programmer, Level Designer, UI Designer
Alexander Horvath: Character Artist, Character Animator, Texture Artist
Kristian Kollar: Environment Artist, Texture Artist
Patrik Jesko: SFX Composer, Music Composer 

Used 3rd Assets:

Post Processing Stack (VFX)
Particle textures (Bolts and sparks - downloaded from google)
TGU Skybox Pack FREE (Main skybox)
Mesh Tracker (Custom tool for sea material)

Other assets (all the models, textures, 2D graphics, UI, particle behaviours, game-logic, simple-marched-volume fog, sound effects - made from scratch or downloaded from free banks, menu music) were made by Struct9 team.


MistyTravels_StandaloneWin.zip 128 MB

Install instructions

1. Play in a browser or Download
2. Unzip
3. Enjoy!

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