A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Experience ultimate trip of an innocent goat caused by polluted smoke from an oil factory.

Take a role of an innocent wild goat experiencing ultimate and surreal trip. Feel what's in the goat's mind, reveal a mighty secret of the saint Cabbage and enjoy this crazy audio-visual experience!

Developed by three guys during the 3-days Global Game Jam 2023.


Matej Vanco: Programmer, Level Designer, VFX shaders
Alexander Horvath: 3D Artist, Character Animator
Kristian Kollar: 3D Environment Artist

Used 3rd Assets:

Post Processing Stack (Image Post Processing)
Particle textures (Stylized smoke from google)
Music: Garage-band samples & (final) Tonstartssbandht - Hymn Eola (Acapella)


UltimateGoatTrip_Win.zip 127 MB
UltimateGoatTrip_MacOSX.zip 137 MB

Install instructions

Download, extract and play for Windows & MacOSX!


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i think thats more of a Male sheep to a goat (taking consideration its mass and Tail pointing downwards) but the game is fucking amazing :3, Very Trippy n wacky

so weird game


excellent trailer :)